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40 Second Potassium Blood Test Device

There is a small technology company developing a home testing kit for potassium for the dialysis market. They recently became aware of the Periodic Paralysis and our need to test our potassium.

The device will use finger blood and will be FDA approved. The device will be economical, easy to use and pre-calibrated. It will give a potassium read out from 2 to 8 mmol/L in 40 seconds once the blood is applied. The device is designed specifically for humans.
They need to know is the kind of demand there might be for this product.
Answering these questions will be of great help in bringing this device to market much more quickly. They realize that affordability is a critical part of decision making, but for the purpose of evaluating your need please don’t concern yourself with the cost.
They would appreciate your input by answering the following;

1. When a home kit is available how many times a week do you think you will use it?
2. The device will use a smartphone as a display. Do you own a smartphone?
3. Do you use email?
4. In which country do you live?

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Results of Our Usage Survey as of June 2020

Total Daily Total Weekly Total Monthly Number of Replies Response based on Estimated Total FB
group members
Actual Response %
383 2,682 11,532 472 4,736 9.97%
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Lynda Wick

Linda, this is exciting ! I would definitely find it useful in our household and that of my mom’s. 1.I would anticipate at least 2-3 times per week use, plus 1-2 times per week in monitoring my son; 2.yes I have an old Lumia, will upgrade; 3.yes to email; 4.USA. Thanks for collecting data.

Irmgard 1: I will use it several times a week, maybe 10 times a week.

2: I have a smartphone.See More

Janine Gruna

1) I would probably start at 4-5 times/wk then down to 2 times/wk once I know how my body feels at different K levels. 2) I have a smartphone. 3) I use email. 4) Wisconsin

Annette Miko

How exciting!!!

1. About 6 times per week (on 3 different people in the same household)See More

Russell Ross replied · 3 Replies
Irmgard Sanderse Noordman
Thomas Sanderse
 1. When a home kit is available how many times a week do you think you will use it?
>>> about 70 times a week, since i am never stableSee More

Kelli Bosarge

If cost is not a factor, I would use it 14 times a week (twice daily). I have a smart phone and email, and I live in the U.S.

Marny Vandersteel Minarsch

Great news!!!

I would use it AT LEAST once a day. I use a smartphone and email. I live in the USA. Most people, I believe, would expect this to cost about what a blood sugar meter costs. I would pay double that. I WANT to be on their mailing list. They can setup a free or low cost mailing list at MailChimp. Oh, accuracy must be down to 1/10th point and VERY VERY reliable and repeatable–as it must be fir dialisis patients.

Laurie Halvorsen
1. Yes, I would use it twice a month
2. I have a smartphone
3. I use emailSee More

Sherry Milo
1. Yes, I would at least use it twice a day
2. Yes I have a smartphone
3. I have an email accountSee More

Laureen Storck Robinson

I’m surprised this hasn’t been available to people. They have had these in surgery and in the ER for years. I have a Coumadin hand held home testing machine where I test (a finger prick) once a week (more if my dr instructs me after my results) and MedSee More

 replied · 5 Replies
Laurie Halvorsen
1. Yes, I would use it twice a month
2. I have a smartphone
3. I use emailSee More

Cheryl Crouch Harr
My son and I would both use this so you can multiply my response by two… 1. Five or more times a week ..
Tammy Collins Levi
1- I’d use it at least once a day!
2- yes I own a smart phone
3-yes I use emailSee More

Kimberly Lehman

1) 7-14 Times a week.(3 in my family)

2) Yes I use smartphone.See More

Can’t speak!
It happens to me a few times a year with severe attacks, which can be very dangerous for me, because it can mean that I can’t warn anybody when I get breathing problems or chest pains. If I can’t speak, but i can still use my hand a bit, I usually text the emergency services for an ambulance. Only for the UK: to register for the 999 text service, text REGISTER to 999 and answer the next question with YES. After that moment you can text 999 when you aren’t able to speak to them.